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Welcome to the Columbia River Natural Pet Foods (CRNPF) information page!  I have been selling CRNPF since 2000 and have fed it exclusively since that time.  I have raised many litters on it and have been thrilled with the increased vitality and longevity of my dogs.  Gabi who lived to be 13 along with her mother, Xena, who also lived to be over 13.  This is an exceptional age for Rottweilers.  I hope that this trend continues with my other three dogs.

Many people ask me for more information on CRNPF and so I am including an Ingredient and Guaranteed Analysis list that you can access HERE.  More importantly let me give you a little information about the company itself.  

Sandy West, the owner of CRNPF, started making the food to feed her own dogs.  She had a dog who was severely injured and another that was diagnosed with cancer.  She wanted to do whatever she could to improve their lives and so switched both to a raw diet.  She could not believe the difference.  The dog with cancer lived to be 13 and the injured dog recovered better than any vet thought he would.  Other people seeing the difference in her dogs started asking if she would make food for them and CRNPF was born.

Sandy is a long time breeder, handler and trainer of a variety of breeds. Currently she is training and instructing advanced trailing and search and rescue so nutrition is important to her.

All meat used is human grade.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.  For my current price list you can go HERE.

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